Why College Counseling?
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Why College Counseling?

Selecting a college is a very important decision and likely the most important one that students and parents will make together at this stage of their lives.  The process is very involved and the assistance of an independent counselor is invaluable.    

The ideal time to start thinking about college is the freshman year of high school, so that students can be sure to take appropriate coursework and standardized tests, and be motivated to achieve good grades.
Certainly the college admissions process should start no later than spring of the junior year.  After an initial meeting with you and your parent(s) where we discuss your goals, talents, achievements and interests, I will help you develop a list of potential best fit colleges that meet your academic, extracurricular and social aspirations. 

Together we will select the best of these for you, and I will assist you in creating applications that will give you the best chances for admission.   I can also work with you on standardized test preparation, financial aid applications, and athlete recruitment. 
Your preparation for college and successful admission to your best fit college are my goals! 

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