Why College Counseling?
SAT and ACT Prep

Services Offered -

  • First I will interview you and your parents to learn about your interests and abilities, your college expectations and your aspirations.
  • I will describe the college search, application and admissions process.
  • I will help you to identify a list of colleges that will match your academic, social, extracurricular and geographic preferences.
  • I can help you plan college visits.
  • I can help you schedule and prep for your standardized tests.  I offer general SAT and ACT prep and have additional expertise in math, sciences and vocabulary.
  • I will give you a personalized timeline of deadlines so nothing is missed in the complex college process.
  • I can advise you how to obtain great recommendation letters.
  • We can brainstorm for application essay ideas, and I can review essay drafts.
  • I will review your completed admissions applications.
  • I can help and advise on financial aid forms including FAFSA and CSS/Profile.
  • If you are an athlete, I can guide you on how to create a good sports resume, register with NCAA Clearinghouse, and how and when to contact college coaches. 
  • I will help you and your parents weigh acceptances and financial aid offers.
  • I will give you advice on how to have a good first year at college.

I can assist you with any or all of these tasks – you and your parents can pick and choose.  We generally meet at my home in Long Beach near CSULB.

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